The secret to Ultimate Athleticism

Learn How This Unique Training Program Is Turning People All Over The World Into ‘Muscular Ninjas’ 

This counterintuitive approach flies in the face of everything you’ve learned about fitness… 
but the results are undeniable.

Do you think that spending hours in the gym is required to get big muscles?

It’s not-- and big muscles, by themselves, are pretty easy to get. 

Do 3 sets of 12, day in and day out, eat a ton of food, and pump up….you’ll eventually build muscle, if you don’t die of boredom first. 

You’ll also be ignoring the fact that in the same amount of time you could have transformed your body into an adaptable, athletic machine--AND built a shredded and powerful physique.

Honestly, it’s pretty simple to do. 

The first thing you have to do is open your mind and forget the BS you’ve heard up to now. 

If your mind is open, and you can say “yes” to any of the following, you’re in the right place:

  • Are you bored to death with your workout program that it takes every ounce of willpower to drag yourself into the gym for a workout which puts you in more pain?

  • Are you sick of searching long and hard for a new way to work out, because you’re unsure about which of the thousands of programs to choose from?

  • Are you fed up with the workout programs you find in the newest fitness magazines which were created by people on steroids and give you knee, shoulder, back, and neck pain?

I've searched long and hard, and I've yet to find a workout or training program that is anything like this. I would have given an arm and a leg to have this program years ago. 

Not only does it fly in the face of everything you’ve learned about fitness but the results will blow everything else out of the water. 

The program you’re going to learn about today has changed the lives of thousands of people all over the world. 

It’s easy, requires no fancy equipment, and will cause you to make massive progress in just 3 short sessions per week.

On top of that, you’ll learn how to plug-and-play your favorite exercises into this revolutionary training template. Which means maximum efficiency and results for life.

If you can keep an open mind, you're about to discover the fun and effective approach to becoming an athletic and ‘muscular ninja,’ that is rapidly spreading across the globe. 

You’ll be wondering why no one told you this was possible sooner. 

Allow me to give you the low down today...

Watch Your Strength Skyrocket As You 
Pack On Lean Muscle And Shed Body Fat 

Hey, my name is Max Shank, and today I want to share a life-changing story with you.

From day 1, I’ve always wanted to be a ‘muscular ninja.’

Strong, fast, powerful, agile, coordinated, healthy, and ready to take on anything life throws my way. 

I was surprised to find, after following the most popular programs on the market; there was always something missing. 

It was easy to get strong but I’d become LESS ATHLETIC than when I started. 

A few years ago, I’d wake in agonizing pain every morning. Aesthetically my body looked “healthy and athletic,” but on inside it felt like I was falling apart. 

At the time I didn’t realize most training programs ONLY focus on one thing… either aesthetics or strength. 

There wasn’t a program to deliver outstanding results for aesthetics and strength simultaneously. 

It was disappointed to see that even though I was following the "perfect training plan," I couldn’t jump as high or cut as fast. I felt like I was moving at snail speed.  

On top of it my shoulders and hips became stiff, and I started to move like a robot. 

I was able to lift a ton of weight which was supposed to be good enough but there was no way I was settling for that excuse. 

To say I was frustrated would be the understatement of the century. 

I was puzzled. Not only was I devastated, but I couldn’t understand why everyone continued to train this way.

Why did people invest so much of their time and money to become a less functional human being?

It didn’t make sense. 

I went back to the drawing board and thought long and hard about what I wanted to get out of a training program.

  • Fun. If it's not, I know I won't stick with it forever.

  • Improve coordination and proprioception (aka body awareness). Almost exclusive to dance, martial arts, and gymnastics so I figured this was going to be tricky.

  • Build strength and muscle. I want it just as bad as you do!

  • Build endurance safely, smartly. Will allow me to go the distance across any athletic pursuit or sport. Martial arts, swimming, cycling, or even crochet.

  • Feel good (before, during, and after.) Goodbye egomaniacal trainers with broken bodies and a "no pain, no gain" mentality.

  • Make life BETTER. No more mindlessly following what I think I should instead of paying attention to how it impacts my life.

  • Challenge...but a fun one. Without a challenge we feel no purpose.

Here’s what I discovered…

If your training fills you with an enthusiastic curiosity to learn more about your body, and turn it into an athletic machine--then you're doing it right. 

The training system you’re going to learn about it the best in the world at doing this. 

Although it may look different at first, you’ll soon realize there’s a reason why Ultimate Athleticism is quickly spreading across the globe. 

The Disappointing Truth About 
Workout Programs

Not only are most fitness programs boring and meaningless, but they leave people like you and me in more pain than when we started. 

We get stuffed in the gym like caged monkeys and are prescribed meaningless reps of the same monotonous movement. Doing nothing to improve our athleticism. 

Established strength experts kept telling me lifting heavy weights would not only get me stronger... but faster, more athletic, and leaner too. 

This was precisely what I wanted to achieve through training.

Sadly, the opposite happened. My joints ached, my muscles cramped, and I was always in pain. 

Not only did I become slower, but my entire body stiffened like a mummy. 

I was frustrated, confused, and angry...

Not only was I falling for the workout myths and training lies, but I was injured more times than I can count. 

I tried everything, and no matter what I did, something was always missing. 

But I wasn't willing to give up. I knew there had to be a better way to improve the way my body looked and performed while feeling better too. 

I experimented for over 12 years, trying every training system imaginable. 

I poured more blood sweat and tears into this than anything else in my life. 

I hope you’re ready, because today I’m going to tell you about my training system called Ultimate Athleticism that will change how you look at health and fitness forever. 

To say I stumbled on this massive discovery would be a blatant lie. The only reason you’re reading this is because I’ve failed over and over and beat my body to bits. 

I spent years developing this and since then, I've been tweaking, testing and growing it. 

To this day it has changed the lives of thousands of people all over the world… 

Here’s How I Discovered The Training System 
Which Gives You The Power And 
Physical Freedom Of A Muscular Ninja

Years ago, when I first started to combine gymnastics, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, sprint training, yoga, and pilates all my peers laughed. They thought I was a joke.


“You can’t get better at EVERYTHING at the same time!” 

“You have to follow ONE system and stick with it.”

“That sort of training is dangerous!”


But I knew they were wrong because I was witnessing jaw-dropping improvements in my clients...  

Knee pain disappeared. Chronic back pain was quickly forgotten. And suddenly they were able to perform exercises they claimed to be “impossible.’

Not only were my clients looking and feeling better, but they were enjoying training for the first time in their life. 

While other trainers pigeonholed themselves by marrying one style of training, I created one where you share and enjoy the rewards of them all. 

I know what you're thinking… "This sounds too good to be true Max. Give me proof!"

I agree with you 100%. It does sound incredible because it is.

Not only am I going to show you real-life case studies of how this worked people just like you, but I’m also going to explain how and why Ultimate Athleticism is thought to work like a miracle. 

Today you can make a simple decision that will unlock REAL physical freedom in your life.

But first I’m going to reveal the three biggest fitness myths which are leaving you weak, frustrated, hurt and slowly destroying your athleticism.


Three Painful Fitness Myths That Are 
Destroying Your Athleticism And Leaving 
You Weak, Tired, And Frustrated

A few years ago I was in LAX on my way to teach a workshop in Germany. 

Suddenly, I spotted a family sprinting through the terminal to catch their flight but the father was almost a football fields length behind. 

But he couldn’t do it. He had to stop which ultimately caused the family to miss their flight… all because this man wasn’t able to run -- a basic athletic movement. 

The interesting thing was, he looked like he spent time in the gym… thick arms filled his shirt sleeves, a big barreled chest, broad shoulders, and tall meaty traps.

Yes, he couldn't keep running. 

You can tell his training program included very little regarding overall athletic development, or that never would have happened. My heart ached and I knew there had to be a better way. 

I couldn’t help but thinking, what if the situation was different...

What if he had to run to get away from something dangerous? 
What if a young child was running into the middle of the street with heavy traffic? 
What if he was in the ocean and the current pulled him out further than expected?

What would happen if the stakes were a bit higher than missing your flight. 

Can you imagine how powerless you would feel in that situation?

I know I can. 

Here’s the thing… 

Even if you’re never going to play a sport, athleticism is something that makes your entire life better.  

Sooner or later you're going to find yourself in a sticky situation, and your athletic ability will help get you out safely.  

The trouble is, most fitness programs aren’t meant to do this, and instead of improving health and longevity they hurt people.

Here are the three painful fitness myths that are destroying your athleticism and leaving you weak, tired, and frustrated.

These movements are rarely done, but are necessary for strong, healthy, and flexible shoulders. This is especially true for the scapular muscles, which are NOT adequately strengthened with traditional weight training exercises.


If the shoulder blades don't work properly, they do not provide a solid foundation for the GH joint to move from--and you know how that story ends...

MYTH #1: 
You Must Follow A Traditional Bodybuilding Routine To Build Muscle

Most traditional bodybuilding workouts just puff your muscles up with blood and do nothing to create the long lasting results you’re looking for. 

You don’t need to follow a traditional bodybuilding program if you want to add muscle. Especially if the program was created by someone who regularly uses performance-enhancing drugs.

The truth is, the amount of lean, strong, functional muscle you can build correlates to your use of the Integrated Strength Spectrum

The Integrated Strength Spectrum is an often-overlooked strategy. It uses low, moderate, and high repetition exercises to build muscle and become more athletic without destroying your joints.  

Incorporating both, low reps (3) and high reps (25) are extremely important for full athletic development. The Integrated Strength Spectrum allows you to do that while forcing your body to adapt to the process. 

One of the biggest mistakes people make is letting their ego and enthusiasm get in the way of their results. The Integrated Strength Spectrum is a surefire way to avoid that mistake. 

These movements are rarely done, but are necessary for strong, healthy, and flexible shoulders. This is especially true for the scapular muscles, which are NOT adequately strengthened with traditional weight training exercises.


If the shoulder blades don't work properly, they do not provide a solid foundation for the GH joint to move from--and you know how that story ends...

MYTH #2: 
You Must Bench, Squat, & Deadlift Like A Powerlifter To Get Strong

Hardcore powerlifters have the agility of a Semi-truck. 

Semi-trucks dominate in a low and slow gear but it takes too much time, energy, and fuel to get moving. 

Which makes it difficult change direction with any sense or urgency. This happens because powerlifters get so strong but fail to build an equal amount of balance, coordination, and range of motion. 

If all you want to do is complete in powerlifting, you’re going to trade your health, movement, and quality of life for serious joint pain. 

When you focus on combining the right tools (like the ones you’ll learn about today) not only will you mold an outstanding physique, but you'll be able to perform impressive physical feats. 

High repetition training (like high-rep push-ups) gets laughed at by hardcore powerlifters.  

Little do they know, this is a secret I use to improve my client's form, posture, and joint health. With high repetition exercises, we’re able to flood your body with nutrient so you experience faster recovery while building stronger bones, and connective tissue. 

So, not only is high repetition training beneficial to getting strong, but it makes your body more resilient. 

… As I like to say, "it makes you harder to kill." 

MYTH #3: 
You Are Getting Too Old For This

Did you know most ‘age-related’ health issues are from inactivity, not age? 

Your body adapts to the stresses and positions you put it in. This is the perfect example of the popular saying “if you don’t use it you lose it.” 

Do you remember when you were young you could sit on the floor contorted like a human pretzel, roll around the ground, and swing from bar to bar on the playground? 

Now most adults can’t even save themselves from rolling their ankle on an uneven surface or slipping and falling without breaking their wrist, fracturing their tailbone, or cracking their skull? 

Your body adapts to the demands you put on it, which for most people is sitting, standing, and a few boring exercises. 

If you're anything like the majority of clients who come to my gym, you have limitless potential because your body is functioning like you're driving with the emergency brake on. 

Sure you can still move, but you’re just holding yourself back. 

Are you familiar with a ‘governor’ on a motor? 

It’s a device used to regulate speed. It keeps the engine safe by preventing you from causing serious harm to the motor.

Your brain is the governor of your body. It controls how strong you are, your flexibility around each joint, and determines when you feel pain. 

The problem is, most people don’t perform to their full potential because their governor is ‘off.’ Your governor won’t allow you to perform your best until we align your body properly and stimulate your nervous system. 

The good news is, when you train the right way this happens automatically. 

You’ll be able to play sports, go on challenging hikes, take adventurous and action-packed trips, quickly learn new skills.

And most importantly, you’ll feel fantastic doing it!

Will You Still Be Able To Dominate The Iron?

There's more to becoming strong, athletic, lean, and healthy than bench presses, deadlifts, and squats. 

Although powerlifting is a great sport, it’s only one small piece of true athleticism. 

To build a level of athleticism which lets you do anything, you need to forget everything you know about weight training because being the ultimate athlete isn’t about how many calories you burn, or how many pounds you can deadlift… 

Being an athlete is about energizing your body and making it resistant to whatever life throws your way. 

Athleticism is everything. 

Sprinting, jumping, swinging on monkey bars...

L-sits, handstands, front levers, skin the cats, and so much more... all while being able to dominate the iron.

The three core powerlifting exercises only strengthen a specific and short range of motion.

Yes, you’ll be able to dominate the iron but true athleticism starts with being able to move and control your body in thousands of positions. 

‘Multiplanar Exercises’ Will Make You 
More Athletic Than You’ve Ever Imagined

If you want to become more athletic than you’ve ever imagined, you must be able to move through ‘multiplanar exercises’ with fluid-like control. 

Multiplanar exercises involves movements in an infinite number of directions and movement planes

Once these are a staple in your program, you’ll make massive strides in your athletic abilities. 

Mainstream training programs do nothing to improve these skills. Which is why too many people end up in the hospital when life throws them a curveball. 

Which is why people are blown away by how well my ‘Compass Drill’ relieves pain, improves flexibility, and skyrockets performance. 

When you think about it, doing multiplanar exercises makes a lot of sense, right? 

Your shoulder is an extremely mobile joint that’s designed to move through infinite ranges of motion. 

Most people only train one or two of these directions which makes you tight and robs you of strength, power, and function. 

Here’s what people don’t realize… 

Not only is implementing multiplanar exercises is MORE efficient for building strength, mobility, and athleticism, but it’s also a critical piece of the puzzle for improving posture and joint health. 

The Simplest Gymnastics Movements Are A Key Ingredient To Discovering Your 
Ultimate Athletic Potential

Gymnastics movements can take years of practice to pull off.

With Ultimate Athleticism, I’ll show you how to accomplish the most beneficial movements, almost immediately… no matter what your current fitness level is. 

For example, in the core gymnastics position called ‘hollow body,’ your abs are crunched tight, legs squeezed together, toes pointed like an arrow, and your arms reaching overhead. 

This teaches you how to control your body in one smooth, stable, and strong unit instead of weak, broken pieces. 

Think about it, you can have all the power in the world, but if you can’t direct your strength and force in the proper direction, it’s useless. 

It’s like trying to shoot a cannon from a canoe! The cannon has the potential to blast off and cause bone-shattering damage, but not without a solid base. 

If your core is weak, your shoulder is suffering the same detrimental effects. …

Wobbly handstands, weak overhead presses, unstable bench presses, sloppy L-sits, dangerous muscle-ups, and the list goes on. 

Luck for you, I’ve found a way to fix this problem.... 

By prioritizing the key gymnastics movements you’ll find in Ultimate Athleticism, your body automatically engages your core into all your upper body movements. 

You don’t even have to think about it! 

You’ll finally have a stable base to seamlessly flow through infinite ranges of motion and build strength in every direction. 

Not only will your strength skyrocket, but the chances of you getting injured are slim to none. And it only takes a few minutes per day. 

Mobility Splicing: 
Supersets Performed The Right Way!

Do you want to know how I’m able to get my clients stronger in just one workout?

I’ll admit, I still get excited when I see the look on my clients face when they add 20+ to their deadlift within 10 minutes.

Using ‘mobility splicing’ you’ll be able to pair the perfect exercises together to increase your strength within the same workout. When I first discovered this my mind was blown.

Here’s why this is important to you...

Most programs try to save time by using supersets, but they do it all wrong. They pair exercises together that use the same muscles groups. If you do push-ups and overhead presses, you’re going to burn out your shoulders rather than prime yourself to move better and get stronger. 

Not only does this decrease the effectiveness of each exercise, but it increases your chances of getting injured. Plus, you’re letting tons of athletic potential go to waste. 

I’m sure you’ve heard how important it is to balance pushing and pulling exercises, right? 

But, very few people know how to use a mobility movement to ENHANCE a strength exercise. 

Here’s a mobility splicing sequence I often use to add 20+ pounds to my clients deadlifts in the same session

A1. Thoracic mobilizations
A2. Handstand
A3. Glute activation
A4. Deadlift

Rinse and repeat. 

First, you start with thoracic mobilizations since it’s a tight and restricted area for most people. This improves shoulder mobility, strength, and core stability. 

Since we add new ranges of motion to the thoracic spine, so we need to strengthen the new range of motion. Now we do handstands to work the surrounding muscles and to lock in the stability. This gives you strength and mobility that lasts. 

Next up are glute activations. Glute activations are often viewed as being an exercise for sissies. But, an intelligently placed glute activation can be one of the best things to protect your spine and boost your deadlift.

Now you’re finally ready to move to the deadlift, but this time your body isn’t relaxed and unprepared when you grab the bar. 

As you set-up, you’re stable, primed, and strong in the most critical areas. 

Your body finally knows what it’s like to activate the proper muscles with precision timing. 

The result? You’re safer and heavy weights move faster and easier. 

To this day, there are very few trainers and programs that know how to achieve the benefits of mobility splicing.

Luckily this program shows you exactly how to do this on your own.

In fact, in Ultimate Athleticism I’ll give you the perfect progressions based on your current fitness level.  

With this simple method, you’ll be able to plug-and-play your favorite exercises into the perfect template and make progress in every movement imaginable. 

How A Powerful, Explosive, And Springy Lower Body Will Dominate Your Competition 
And Keep You Feeling Young!

Speed, power, and explosiveness is the foundation of athletic movement.  

If you’re playing a sport, this gives you the upper hand. Whether you want to run faster, jump higher, punch or kick harder, it all starts with your hips and core. 

Unfortunately, most training programs claim to be training power when they aren’t. 

Power exercises must be performed at the beginning of your workout, not when you’re tired. 

When you train for power this way, you also ‘prime’ your body to lift heavier weights than usual during your workout. 

While we're talking about speed and power, I have to mention my all time favorite exercise. 

I've been in this industry for over a decade, and one of the most common questions I get is… 
"Max, what's your favorite exercise?"

You expect me to say deadlifts or squats, don’t you? 

I believe hill sprints are THE BEST lower body exercise if you want to be stronger, healthier, and burn fat at the same time. 

Hills sprints are a superior choice to normal sprinting because most people's bodies are NOT prepared for the high forces their body is put under from normal sprinting. 

If you’re not used to sprinting and you jump right into maximum effort sprints on flat ground, you’re begging for a hamstring strain or a ruptured achilles tendon. 

Not only are hill sprints safer, but you’ll still get the incredible physiological benefits like increased growth hormone production, boosted testosterone, and a fired-up metabolism. 

If you are not sprinting twice a week, you’re missing out on monumental improvements to your athleticism. 

… But, the real magic comes from combining hill sprints with the single leg deadlift. 

The single leg deadlift is one of the cornerstone exercises of this revolutionary training program. It’s a key player in building well-rounded athleticism by fixing imbalances, preventing injuries, and enhancing your ability to move like an athlete. 

Think about it, when you're sprinting, you're on one leg, right? 

As a matter of fact, you’re on one leg often, so only doing bilateral exercises (two-legged) like squats and deadlifts limits your athletic potential. 

But there’s one ‘magic exercise’ that will build your glutes, quads, and core better than any other.

Not only is this magic exercise more efficient than the squat, but it’s the most effective single-leg exercise variation there is. 

Do you know what it is? 

If you guessed the pistol squat (as many do), you’d be wrong. The pistol squat is a neat party trick, but it’s nothing compared to the REAL king of single leg strength and power exercises.


Aside from building devastating leg strength and power, this exercise will simultaneously develop your mobility and balance in a big way! 

Unfortunately, I can’t give you all my goodies today.  

I reserve my best secrets for people who invest in themselves by grabbing a copy of Ultimate Athleticism...

What If You Finally Had 
All The Tools You Needed?

Most people identify with a particular style of training…” I’m a bodyweight training guy, a powerlifter, an Olympic lifter, a yogi, bodybuilder”

It’s like a carpenter saying that he's a hammer guy

… could you imagine!?  

When you label yourself into one of these camps you're leaving an unlimited amount of potential on the table. 

The truth is, These are just tools. What's most important is what you do them. 

Let me ask you...

  • How would you like to deadlift three times your bodyweight without the usual hip, back, and knee pain that comes along with being a powerlifter?

  • How life-changing would it be to have the confidence to play a pickup game of ANY sport and dominate the competition at the drop of a hat?

  • How would you like to discover the fast, easy, and safe way to lose weight, get stronger, and reverse the aging process while having fun?

  • How great would it feel to be athletic enough to do anything without the fear of getting injured? Wakeboarding, gymnastics, jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, tennis, water-jetpack flying… nothing is off limits!

Ultimate Athleticism is the training system that can you help you do all of these and so much more. 

Simple, fun, and rewarding… you’ll develop skills that last through your entire lifetime. 

In just 2-4 days per week will help you become the most athletic, healthiest, and strongest person you can be. 

On top of it all, it will leave you with an impressive physique that matches your impressive athletic abilities… without boring cardio!​

Introducing Ultimate Athleticism

The secret to dominating any athletic endeavor

Ultimate Athleticism pulls the BEST pieces from different training methods around the world and seamlessly blends them into an efficient training system. 

With this new style of training, you can navigate all of life's adventures with confidence, ease, and without fear.

Here’s what to expect after a couple of months training with Ultimate Athleticism.

  • A new level of performance, coordination, and strength you had no idea you were capable of. 

  • Trade in non-functional muscles for a lean, strong, and athletic physique. You’ll be ready to tackle anything ‘life’ throws your way.

  • Enjoy your new functional muscle, improved recovery, and pain-free joints. Thanks to the simplest gymnastics movements.

  • Reap the rewards of a training method hardcore powerlifters laugh atYour joints will LOVE YOU for this.

  • Experience the strength boosting rewards of ‘Mobility Splicing.’ A little-known way to get stronger in just ONE workout!

  • Discover the single-leg exercise that will improve your athletic abilities while building your glutes, quads, and core better than any other. Hint: It’s not the pistol squat! 

  • Learn how to seamlessly plug-and-play your favorite exercise into this style of training.

In just a few weeks you'll see tremendous improvements in your athletic abilities. In most cases, the results come even faster than that.  

What People Are Saying...

"I used to have pain in my back, neck, and I can keep up with my three kids and my wife seems to like the extra muscle!"

When I first started, I struggled to move my body weight. Max's coaching has allowed me, at 37 years old, to press up to a handstand from an L-sit, Deadlift over 400lbs, and hold a full Front Lever with ease... all while improving my flexibility and reducing the pain.

Adam Robinson, father of 3 and business owner working over 60 hours per week

“A must for every Strength Coach, Personal Trainer or Fitness enthusiast who is interested in a smart, simple and highly effective way of training yourself and your clients.”

I had so much more fun in my workouts than ever before. Once you understand the principles Max is talking about, you will discover a new way of training, which will give you the opportunity to workout more frequently, still recover fast and get amazing results in a very short amount of time (with no stress involved) Thank you Max! You helped me to get better every day!

Moritz Rammensee

“At 62, I went from barely walking to feeling almost as athletic as I was in my 30's”

I first met Max at 62. I was overweight, out of shape, and felt like I was holding on to life like a hub cap in the fast lane. I could barely walk without my knees and feet hurting… I went from barely walking to feeling almost as athletic as I was in my 30's. I can now run again and my strength is probably greater than when I was young. He has truly helped me change my life.

Robert Richmond

“Ladies, don’t be intimidated! Before I started working with Max I could not do a single pushup or pullup.”

I used to switch training methods on a monthly basis, but could never stay interested in ANY of them over time. Since following Max’s instruction I have become very strong (10 chin ups, ½ bodyweight airborne lunges, etc), flexible, and much more confident! Start where you are, have fun, be consistent and you'll see incredible results.

Holly Mersy

Ultimate Athleticism Is Radically Different Than 
Any Workout Program You’ve Ever Tried

This program is everything you need to live a longer, healthier, and active life. 

Not only is Ultimate Athleticism simple to understand and easy to implement, but you’ll experience results FAST. 

By giving you the keys to the physical freedom, you’ll be able to eagerly chase after any athletic goal you've dreamed of.

… Which is why it’s changing the lives of people all around the world. 

I want you to be able to experience what life has to offer. ​

  • Play sports, go on challenging hikes, take adventurous trips, quickly learn new skills, and feel fantastic doing it… for life!

  • Play sports, go on challenging hikes, take adventurous trips, quickly learn new skills, and feel fantastic doing it… for life!

  • Teach your body how to create a strong, stable, and safe base for your shoulder and instantly improve pressing power. Don’t shoot a cannon out of a canoe.

  • Build strength in thousands of different ranges of motion with multiplanar exercises

  • Intelligently incorporate hill sprints into your training to increase growth hormone, boost testosterone production, and fire up your metabolism.

  • Gain an unfair advantage over your competition by unlocking more speed, power, and explosiveness. 

  • Learn how to flow through challenging exercises, and make movement appear effortless.

Once you experience the strength, mobility, flexibility, and how much better your body feels you'll never going to want to go back to training the old way.

What’s Included In Ultimate Athleticism?

  • Ultimate Athleticism eBook: ($297 Value)


    Immediate access to over 200 Pages of no-fluff athleticism building material that will have you ready for whatever life throws your way. 

  • Ultimate Athleticism Video Library: ($297 Value)


    Watch how to do all the movements with correct form as I break down complicated details most trainers have no idea about. See the appropriate progressions and regressions perfect for your fitness level.

  • Ultimate Athleticism Program Design Guide: ($97 Value)


    Get access to several programs to find the perfect routine for you and your goals. These programs range from “I’ve never-touched-a-weight” to “I’m a competitive athlete and train 4+ days per week.” 

  • Ultimate Athleticism Workout Creator: ($147 Value)​


    I’ve put together an easy-to-use workout creator so you can use the Ultimate Athleticism methodology so build an unlimited number of effective and time-efficient workouts. The workout creator will allow you to customize and modify fantastic workouts for the rest of your life. Personally, I believe this add-on by itself makes the platinum package a no-brainer. 


  • Lifetime access to the Exclusive Members Area ($297 Value)​


    You’re getting lifetime access to the member area which will provide guidance, encouragement, and support needed to achieve your greatest level of athleticism. Including 39 monthly training programs,  bonus instructions articles & videos, and special members only discounts. 

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A value of $1,135 for only $88 when you join today!

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My goal was to give everyone a chance to experience the life-changing benefits of Ultimate Athleticism in a way that wouldn’t break the bank. 

I worked extremely hard to make this happen, and I believe I achieved that goal. 

You still might have a few reservations about starting your journey to become a muscular ninja, and it’s important for me to address those issues. 

Which is why I created my 60-day ‘Better Every Day Guarantee.’

I’m so confident you’ll love Ultimate Athleticism I’ve included my signature ‘Better Every Day, No-Hassle 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.’

I would never want to you spend your hard earned money on a workout program that doesn't help you. That’s happened to me way too many times. 

Now you can get stronger, faster, leaner, and more athletic than you've ever been with zero-risk. 

With this 60-day guarantee, you’ll be able to ‘aww’ your friends and family with glowing energy, new found strength, and disappearing chronic pain, with worrying that the program won’t work. 

If you’re not satisfied with the program, you can cancel anytime within the first 60-days and get every penny back without being interrogated. That’s how confident I am that you’ll love Ultimate Athleticism. 

There are no strings attached if you cancel within the first 60 days and I won’t make you jump through hoops of fire… although you’ll be able to after using this program ;) 

All you have to do is send an email to [], and we’ll give you a full refund. 

But I promise, if you focus and follow the progressions outline, you will be more athletic than you've ever been, no matter how old you are. 

Regularly $120 

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What People Are Saying...

"​Following Max’s advice and programs in this book virtually guarantees improvement in every facet of your body and athleticism in minimum time."​

"Max is a rare individual in the health and fitness world. He has done a masterful job answering the most common question that every fitness professional encounters with clients which is, “How can I get maximal improvement with the limited time I have available?” I highly recommend Ultimate Athleticism and encourage you to absorb not only it’s basic message, but also the spirit of play and ongoing improvement that Max so powerfully encourages and exemplifies."


“I can't recommend this book enough, but be prepared to explore movement again."

"This book is amazing as he walks us through why he picked these movements and then, more important, the progressions necessary for achieving these movements. I can't recommend this book enough, but be prepared to explore movement again."


"Ah, if only I knew what Max knows when I was his age 8-10 years ago!!!!!!"

"I really have lots of positive things to say after finishing reading Max Shank's Ultimate Athleticism. This book is a very interesting departure from others designed for the general population in as much as it is definitely for the advanced intermediate and above, and it espouses a level of programming reminiscing of true physical education.”


“Ultimate Athleticism is a very intriguing and effective system of training…”

Ultimate Athleticism is Max's magnum opus, and he spent many hours putting the product together. If you are interested in improving your functional capacity, then I highly recommend this product . As a side benefit, by purchasing this product, you are supporting a guy who has tremendous integrity and passion for the field of strength & conditioning. Max might be a total beast in the gym, but he's an all-around great guy in general."


“Whether you are a highly skilled athlete or trainer, or a beginner to the world of fitness - get this book!”

"Cut away all of the nonsensical, wasted movements and time in the gym with this Training Essentials Book, Ultimate Athleticism. Whether you are a highly skilled athlete or trainer, or a beginner to the world of fitness - get this book! There is incredibly valuable information for anyone and everyone who wants to be able to move well and move with purpose in this Manual to Moving with Strength!"


“...Ultimate Athleticism is nothing short of wonderful.”

I have a saying, the problem isn't your conditioning, the problem is you can't even begin to think about your conditioning. Take your time, work through this program and let its simplicity and beauty work for you. I have no doubt that ultimate athleticism will cultivate the strength and skill your searching for.


“A program that isn't focused on a single quality or tool”

"It is straightforward, effective, and will be beneficial to many aspiring athletes. It's nice to see a program that isn't focused on a single quality or tool. Your approach is clearly balanced and the results that you've obtained are obvious. In a world of talkers, it is always refreshing to find someone who walks the walk and practices what they preach. Great job!"


Become a Muscular And Athletic Ninja 
For ONLY $3/day

You can waste hours and hours in the gym every week or you could be explore the world and spend the time with people you love. 

You can risk throwing away thousands of dollars on research, supplements, programs, medical bills or you can take this offer that has already helped countless people all over the world. 

The truth is, if you try to figure this out on your own, there’s still no guarantee you're going to learn everything I’ve packed into Ultimate Athleticism and it’s bonuses. 

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about any of that because I’ve done all the work for you and can give everything you need today. 

… Then you can spend the rest of your time having fun and getting results. 

Before I created Ultimate Athleticism the only way to learn these concepts was to be coached by me in person or to come to one of my seminars. 

I charge over $400/hour to work with clients in a one-on-one setting, and that’s IF I’m accepting new clients (which I rarely am.) 

The other option would be to come to one of my three-day workshops that people regularly paid $2,100 to attend. On top of that, you’d have to cover your personal travel expenses, food, room and board, and spend time away from work and your family. 

Overall an investment like this would be well over $3,500+. 

As you can see, the Ultimate Athleticism bundle is only a tiny fraction of that, if you take action today and you get to keep these materials for life! 

Still not sure about Ultimate Athleticism?

Warning: Ultimate Athleticism Isn’t for Everyone

Ultimate Athleticism is a life-changing program for those who follow through with it. 
But, as amazing it can be, it's not for everybody.

Ultimate Athleticism IS FOR PEOPLE WHO:

Ultimate Athleticism IS NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO:

  • Enjoy the way being fit, strong, and healthy makes them feel


  • Stick to things which are important to them and make their life better


  • Stick to things which are important to them and make their life better


  • Would rather have fun and enjoy training than do something they hate


  • Follow through with their promises and commitments to themselves and other


  • Don’t want to waste hours in the gym doing boring workouts which produce mediocre results


  • Would love to move better so they can enjoy new adventures with people they love


  • Have a burning desire to succeed and put effort into things that will get them to where they want to be


  • Want to get stronger, leaner, more muscular, and feel better without beating themselves down with heavy weights


  • Are not willing to try something different


  • Believe they’re too old or beat up for exercise


  • Have no desire to feel better and be healthier


  • Are elite level powerlifters or bodybuilders ready to compete


  • Would rather sit on their butt like a couch potato and do nothing


  • Would rather suffer through an hour of cardio on the treadmill than have fun


  • Can't focus on a workout program or follow a path that has been proven to work


  • Are never going to open the book and give it an honest try to change your body for good

Grab Your Copy Of Ultimate Athleticism 

A value of $1,135 for only $88 when you join today!

If You’re On The Fence, 
Read This Before You Go

If you're still not sure if this one-time investment into Ultimate Athleticism will work for you like it has for thousands of others, think about this…


If you don’t grab this special offer of Ultimate Athleticism today, did you ask yourself what might happen? 

How many years are you going to spend trying to learn the lessons that I can easily show you for a few bucks? 

How much money are you going to spend skipping from gym to gym looking for the next secret that is going to take you to the next level? 

So you sign up to a new gym… then what?


Chances are you’re going to spend the financial investment of the Ultimate Athleticism bundle on soon to be forgotten dinners, low-quality supplements, and a poor workout program which won’t get your results anything like this one will. 

Your time is precious.

Don’t waste another second on a workout designed for someone who takes performance-enhancing drugs, or a plan for someone whose only goal is to add more pounds on the bar regardless of their health and athleticism.

It doesn't matter where you are in your strength journey, what matters is that you are here right now. 

What matters is, you are ready to get a little bit better each day. 

Because if you have the focus, determination, and confidence to say “Yes” today, you will be amazed at what your body can really do. 

Trust me, being athletic makes the world a better place. 

Tasks which were once difficult become easier than ever, and the possibilities for fun, enjoyment, and potential are unlimited. 

I’m not sure how long this special opportunity will last, so grab this offer today and feel safe knowing you’re back by my ‘Better Every Day, No-Hassle 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.’

I can’t wait to see you inside, 

Better Every Day, 
— Max


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I’m a total newbie when it comes to strength training, is this good for me? 

If Ultimate Athleticism is so good why doesn’t everyone train like this already?

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Will this still work if I am a woman?

Am I too old/too young or too experienced/inexperienced for UA? 

Grab Your Copy Of Ultimate Athleticism 

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