How to Build The Ultimate Athletic Attribute for Health and Longevity

Like you, my training has developed through cycles.


When I first began training, all I wanted was muscle. (Bodybuilding, etc.)


Within a few years, all I wanted was strength. (Olympic lifting, powerlifting, gymnastics etc.)


Later it was all about endurance. (Crossfit, running etc.)


After noticing many injuries in myself and my clients, I thought the answer to exercise was mobility.


And this really helped a lot of folks. (5 Minute Flow and Simple Shoulder Solution have helped thousands of people recover from injuries all over the world).


But it still wasn’t quite the answer we need.


After 15 years of coaching thousands of people, I am now aware of one simple truth.




The ability to absorb and return force without breaking is the ultimate athletic attribute for health and fitness.

Elasticity gives you options. Elasticity lets you do the things you love to do, without fear of breaking.


Elasticity opens doors to new aspects of sport and recreation. When your body can master the absorption and generation of force, the world is your playground.


Elasticity gives you the ability to accelerate, decelerate, and deliver massive, effortless impact with total relaxation.


This is why I have created a program with this specific attribute in mind.


Men are born soft and supple;

dead, they are stiff and hard.

Plants are born tender and pliant,

dead, they are brittle and dry.

Thus whoever is stiff and inflexible is a disciple of death.

Whoever is soft and yielding

Is a disciple of life.

The hard and stiff will be broken.

The soft and supple will prevail.


-Tao Te Ching


Most people are mesmerized by muscle and strength, and neglect the value of elasticity.


But eventually, everyone comes around. 


Whether through age or injury, we ultimately realize that of elasticity is the most important attribute for lifelong health and athleticism.


With Elasticity you'll learn...


  • Relaxed Speed: Learn how to move your body through space with minimum effort, minimum stress, and maximum power.

  • Roll with the punches: Learn how to roll, fall, and interact with the ground without pain or strain.

  • Develop rotational power through the hips and trunk without straining the knees and back.

  • Master Tension:  Learn how to go from maximum tension to maximum relaxation with ease

  • Build strength in every range of motion (not just the normal exercise positions)

  • Weapon Swings: Learn how to swing both hard and flexible implements in smooth arcs with ease and power. (great for wrists, shoulders, power, and entering a flow state).

  • Learn a variety of skills to refine for a lifetime

The sooner you begin training this way, the better (and younger) your body will feel.


Enjoy your new and improved body.



  • 27 Instructional videos with details and progressions

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  • Optimized and Repeatable 4-week Program

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All you have to do is send an email to our helpdesk, and we’ll give you a full refund. 

But I promise, if you focus and follow the program, you will be more athletic than you've ever been, no matter how old you are. 


Do I need any equipment?


You don't NEED any equipment, but if you have the following implements, you will get more out of the program:



Medicine Ball



Swiss Ball


Do I need to be in great shape already?


No, this program has progressions to allow a beginner to succeed AND challenge an advanced trainee.


Will I build muscle/lose weight?


You can build muscle or lose weight by following this program if you control your eating. However, this is not optimized for maximum muscle gain-- it is optimized for maximum effortless power and springiness. 


I have a _______ injury, can I do this?


If you have a serious problem, I recommend 5 Minute Flow or Simple Shoulder Solution.

That said, a big part of this program is dedicated to joint health and preparation so you may find your aches and pains go away after a few weeks of Elasticity training.

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