What Is "PrimalAthleticism?


Ever wonder why so many athletic-looking people move like constipated robots?


Have you noticed that normal exercise plans bring you more aches and pains with less athleticism?


Then you might be ready to look at your training from a higher perspective.


Aim higher and you can achieve the effortless movement of a tiger, and cultivate the inner peace of the buddha.


If you can master the art of powerful athletic movements AND zen-like stillness, the world is your playground to enjoy and share.


On the other hand...If you can't perform basic primal patterns your body is your prison. 


Fortunately, there is a way to restore your primal athletic abilities...

But, in order to TRY this unconventional plan you'll need to forget what you've been TOLD works best.


Because THIS particular strategy looks nothing like what you normally see. In fact, most trainers would probably say it's a "bad" plan. 


And according to what they've been taught, they'd be right!


This arrogance is exactly what prevents them from seeing past their own bias and testing it out for themselves.



If you can free your mind from fitness superstition, you will unlock abilities you didn't even know you were missing.

What is your body telling you? What are you asking?

The worst thing is this:


Your world contracts when you ask and the body says, "I can't."


Repeat this enough and you learn through experience that you can't trust your body, so you stop asking.


This is exactly the hellish existence I help people escape.


Asking your body the right questions every day will guide you to your greatest strength, peace, and confidence.


And then you will get even further on this path and realize that your training is so much more than JUST amazing results. It can be a life-enriching experience that leaves you feeling energized and ALIVE! (Oh how I wish I had learned this lesson sooner!)


As your skill and connection increases...Your daily practice will become a sublime meditation of movement nirvana that you eagerly anticipate. (Seriously).


Now before we continue I want you to know that I TRY to be kind and understanding of other exercise systems...


BUT, once I get started asking tough questions, the popular "guru's" get REALLY pissed off! 


They get pissed off because I expose the fact that a lot of their beliefs are actually destructive!

Many popular workouts are killing time (aka your life), creating pain and injuries, or making you SLOWER and WEAKER.

One of the most destructive evils of modern fitness mythology is the massive amount of NOCEBO'S.


You've probably heard of the Placebo Effect.


Simply put, the Placebo Effect is when your belief does your body GOOD.


Numerous studies have shown that the Placebo Effect can improve health and strength dramatically.


But the opposite is also true...


The Nocebo Effect is the polar opposite of the Placebo Effect.


The Nocebo Effect is when a belief does HARM.


For example, if you have been made to believe that "knees over toes" is "bad for you" it will create a FEAR of that movement, shrinking your power and reducing your confidence. 


So now you have hordes of people perpetuating the "Constipated Robot Fitness System" because it's allegedly "safer."


Thanks a lot for making everyone weaker, fear-mongers!


One of the main problems is that these bold claims have no CONTEXT. 


Think about it... is it even possible to walk down a flight of stairs without your knee going forward of the toes, or lifting the heel from the ground?


That's why I have to explain nocebo's to you... because you're about to do a lot of "BAD" exercises that are going to make you stronger, faster, and more resilient than you've ever been.


Can you guess how many nocebo's might be weakening you right now?


How INSANE that these myths tell tales of the WEAKNESS and fragility of the human animal...


You are an electromagnetic, dancing, fighting, creating, miracle!



If you're like me, you want to be powerful, pain-free, and ready for anything (to enjoy opportunities or overcome emergencies).


I am very excited to share a different (and easier) plan to overcome the modern "movement-and-mind killing environment"...and offer you the greatest lifeline imaginable to THRIVE EVERY DAY. (Not just survive)








2: first in importance : PRIMARY




1: the combination of qualities (such as speed, strength, and agility) that are characteristic of an athlete

2: The ability to move uninhibited, in any range of motion, with strength, speed, and coordination. (as defined in my 2nd book, Ultimate Athleticism)

Primal Athleticism:

Original, Most Important, Athletic Abilities

Bruce Lee (one of my mentors) rightly said:


"It is not the daily increase, but the daily decrease. Hack away the unessential."


ANY time you spend growing unimportant attributes and abilities, is taking time and progress AWAY from the important ones!


Which are most important? The answer is in your DNA...


Your body already has a primal blueprint designed to keep you alive (in a hostile world that is trying to eat you) long enough to have babies and get them to self-sufficiency. 


In the food chain, this normally requires serious effort and savage abilities.


But humans jumped out of the food chain into a different game (social status, wealth, etc. ).


So our primal abilities softened, weakened, and exited the stage...

Now most people are riddled with pain, afraid to move athletically, and completely out of touch with nature.

Fortunately, there is a primal solution for this modern problem...and you will be amazed at how easily it will simplify your life and give you great power.


But there are also plentiful TRAPS that can lure you down a path of weakness...


Dedication to popular fitness mythology leaves a person with no practical skills even after YEARS of effort! 


A tragic majority of "expert" trainers can't even breathe, dance, fight, or play sports. 


It's the blind leading the blind...

Now don't get me wrong, there are a LOT of great systems out there with excellent teachers. Yoga, dance, martial arts, kettlebells, barbells, military bootcamps, weight training, gymnastics...


I have had the pleasure to learn from great teachers in all of them over the past 15 years...


My life has been deeply enriched through their teaching, and I am eternally grateful...


...BUT, I was never fully satisfied with any single one. Yoga just didn't have the power and agility training that I needed to perform at the level I wanted, and all the weight training in the world won't prepare you for the real world...


What are we supposed to do with this miraculous, magical, muscular body?! Just stand in one place and lift a weight all day?! Burn my life away on a hamster wheel?


I can think of MANY superior ways to invest an hour of my time (and that's exactly what I'm going to share with you).


There is SO MUCH MORE to this human experience! Yet the popular methods for mental and physical training are so sterile and limiting.


Hours and calories wasted SUFFERING through boring and ineffective workouts.


Don't swallow this BS cultural weakness! If you want to be truly powerful, you must be willing to do the opposite of the crowd...but not everyone has the guts to do that...


If you do, you will have the power to try anything fearlesslyThis is true freedom.


Invest Your Calories Wisely



Here's a little food for thought: A calorie is a unit of energy. Money is a form of energy. Would you "burn money?"


Yet people are dying to "burn" the most calories--literally throwing away golden opportunities to make themselves stronger and more athletic.


It's a little sad to see how far the popular fitness mainstream has fallen.


Now the "best fitness business" is to hire an actress to yell motivational cliches at you while you burn your life away suffering like a hamster on a wheel. 


That role is similar to a "mixer" in a cocktail--a sugary mask to hide the bitter reality that you are poisoning yourself.


Just promise me you won't fall for the trap of  "fat loss" or "calorie burning" workouts. It is time-wasting, life-wasting, and you can do a hell of a lot better than that.


Trust me, there is no substitute for the power you can gain with focused practice.


No effort. No suffering.

Your increased ability to transform yourself and harmonize with your environment will help you realize that you are a truly powerful being.

The human body is a work of art forged by the forces of nature!

...or a blubbering mess of fat and tears!

Imagine 2 twins starting a new training plan today...

Each one spends (invests) an hour into daily training. 


Twin A (Arthur Average) suffers through random difficult stuff with the intent of burning calories and losing fat.


Almost any exercise will do. Bicycle, boot camp BS, etc. Hey, at least he's consistent.


He will likely get rid of some fat, and build a little muscle...but his athletic abilities would stay about the same.


Twin B (Better Brianseeks out expert help to understand the purpose and function of the human body and mind. He evaluates his overall abilities and engages in a daily practice to specifically fill in the gaps.

He goes through a proven protocol for breathing, vision, rhythm, focus, mobility, strength, resilience, and endurance. He uses this time to express himself honestly through movement. He uses this time as a "Power-Up" for his life. (rather than a punishment for food)


He notices that his skills and abilities compound. He looks forward to his daily practice with excitement and enthusiasm. His body feels loose and powerful.


He moves like water.


After one session, these twins would move very differently.


After a week, the difference in their power and peace of mind would be significant.


After a few years you might not even realize they are twins.


Arthur Average was mesmerized by the false dream perpetuated by a sick culture and spent all his precious energy chasing phantoms. This is what happens to MOST people.


Better Brian showed the wisdom of a Pro: Laser focus here and now with the patient mindset of an expert craftsman.

Here's a great way to remember that reality (write this down so you can look at it later):

Focus on the process, the progress comes naturally.

Focus on the progress, the process becomes an


If you see your daily practice as "paying a toll" for results, you are always at a psychological disadvantage. 


But remember:


It is not just about WHAT you do, but HOW you do it...


If your intention is to find "fat loss workouts" I am NOT the person to help you. That dead-end road is easy to find almost anywhere.


If you are ready to become the greatest version of yourself, this is the exact answer you've been searching for.

Primal Athleticism will help you build useful skills, a powerful physique, and increase your connection.

Here are just a few of the vital attributes you will cultivate to superhuman levels (in a very short time):

  • Vision

  • Agility

  • Power

  • Rhythm

  • Mobility

  • Resilience

  • Endurance

  • Balance

  • Focus

With this fat stack of abilities the world will be your oyster. You will be able to try anything fearlessly, live longer, and die happier. 

But I am actually down-playing how much this can change your life...

Bottom Line: Primal Athleticism is MORE than your time's worth, AND MORE than your money's worth. 

Ok, let's get down to the dirty details. Here's what you get:

Primal Athleticism 


  • Lifetime Access to Primal Athleticism Video Library (you can also download them to your device and keep them forever)

  • PDF Companion + Daily Checklist

  • Member-only discounts for events and products.

  • Lifetime Updates to Content

Secure Order

256BIT – Encryption

67 Days

Money Back Guarantee




(SAVE $200!)

That's it!


(Trust me, you don't want more road-blocks to distract you from the simple magic of this plan--JUST DO IT EVERY DAY!)


Special Launch Price of $97 


Take action now!


Primal Athleticism represents a major shift in the way we look at daily practice. It emphasizes connection, power, and joy. It embodies the spirit of Kaizen (continuous improvement) and gives you the tools to thrive in any environment. 


Are you a personal trainer or fitness coach? 


Don't even think about leaving this page without a copy of Primal Athleticism.


If you want to connect with your clients in a deep and meaningful way, deliver life-changing results, and have your clients happily pay you huge sums of cash for life...you want to implement these strategies immediately. 


If you are looking to take your own abilities to the next level, this is a no-brainer. It will make every day better, easier, and more fun. Plus, you'll have a new ways to connect and share this experience with your loved ones.

​About Me  

(The guy who "asks too many questions")

Max Shank 

Coach, Author & Creator 

I prefer to let my work do the talking, but here's a quick explanation of why I can help you:

  • 15 years experience coaching and teaching worldwide (~200 live courses, thousands of students)
  • 11 years owner @ Ambition Athletics, the best damn gym in town, and a community of all ages who connect, play, and grow together: www.ambitionathletics.com.
  • Creator of Simple Shoulder Solution, Ultimate Athleticism, 5 Minute Flow, Kettlebell Essentials, Master the Kettlebell, Handstand Fundamentals, books and videos (10,000+ worldwide)
  • Founder of M3 Academy  (Movement, Muscle, and Meditation)
  • College dropout, failed English in high school.

But like I said, I don't like to toot my own horn. So I'll let a few of my students share their recent experience with my unique methods...

Here's the Proof:


Tae Kwon Do Masters, personal trainers, and fitness enthusiasts describe their experience with the Primal Athleticism methodology...

Still looking for something?


I have only one last idea to leave you with: 


Try it and see what happens.


If you are mentally married to the traditional (mainstream) idea of workouts, exercise, and training, it will be difficult to embrace this new way.


If you want to keep slugging away at the cookie-cutter plans that have occupied every fitness magazine since the 80s, then this effortless and effective style of training will not interest you.

If you want to forge a powerful body and an unstoppable mind--take action now. 


I sincerely hope that you use this opportunity to alter the course of your life right now. I promise it will be worth it.



Enjoy your practice,




1) "What is the difference between Primal Athleticism and Ultimate Athleticism?"

(Video response: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpmqWZFKhWA)

  • Primal Athleticism is a more expanded perspective of athleticism with a wider set of skills.
  • More emphasis on big picture: visual/vestibular system, rhythm, nervous system and overall health.
  • Ultimate Athleticism has more specialized goals (but with great carryover to other things): front lever, press handstand x 10, deadlift 3x bodyweight.
  • My current practice looks more like Primal Athleticism than Ultimate Athleticism (though I use components from both). 80% primal and 20% ultimate is my current sweet-spot blend.


Bottom line: Primal Athleticism is a modular daily practice for maximum human potential, not just a training program.


2) "Do I need any equipment?"


No. BUT, a sandbag, rings/straps, and some tennis balls are ideal. You can also make it work with a backpack and rope.


3) "How to integrate with current training?"


This will be based on your current goals, but you can definitely do the Primal Athleticism concurrently with your other training goals. I wouldn't try to do Primal Athleticism daily practice and 14 additional strength sessions per week, though.


4) "Why don't you post more?"

"I would rather write for myself and have no audience, than write for an audience and have no self."


I see my contribution to the fitness/strength/movement community as one of irreverent questioning, patience, and playfulness. I am happy to wake up every day and put in the time to deliver you something that will actually change your life. Posting endless motivational quotes and pictures of all the savory meat and cheese I'm eating just doesn't fall in line with my core values. But maybe I'll feel differently about that someday.


It's like when I asked my friend Lena how long it takes to write a song and she said, "when it's done, it's done."


It took a long time to get Primal Athleticism right, and I'm really happy you are all enjoying it so much.



I’ll Even Take All The Risk With My 60-Day No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee.  I’m so confident you’ll love Primal Athleticism I’ve included my signature "Better Every Day, No-Hassle 60-Day Money Back Guarantee."

If you’re not satisfied with the program, you can cancel anytime within the first 60-days and get every penny back without being interrogated. That’s how confident I am that you’ll love Primal Athleticism.

All you have to do is send an email to support@maxshank.com, and we’ll give you a full refund. 

But I promise, if you focus and follow the program, you will enjoy more physical freedom than ever been, no matter how old you are. 

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